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Brian Teasley is a self-made millionaire, entrepreneur, inventor, professor and author. He has worked for the top advertising agencies in the world and Fortune 100 companies. His work has been featured on CNN and in The New York Times and USA Today

Brian has taught at New York University, American University (Washington D.C.) and the Paris School of Business.  His is a Phi Beta Kappa Scholar and was awarded a United States patent for his work creating the world’s first handheld GPS Tour Guide System

His first book, “How to Sell More Tickets to Your Shows” is featured at the Tony Award winning bookstore The Drama Bookshop in New York City.

In the 1990’s Brian worked for a Silicon Valley start-up. “Silicon Valley is unlike anywhere else in the world.  Everyone has an idea and is either working on it or earning money so that they can work on it in the future”.    In the 2000’s he lived in New York City. “The energy is so high you don’t relax for the first year you live there.  The city is full of resources and interesting people and truly never sleeps.  There is always something going on. Always. If you are thinking about going there, go.”  After making a million dollars he lived in Paris, France (see photo). “The artistry, craftsmanship and grandeur that was Paris is still there. Unfortunately it is mostly in museum form, as the current status of Paris is that of a dead beauty. It is certainly not the best place for an entrepreneur. The best place for an entrepreneur is the United States of America”

Excerpt from “How to Make a Million Dollars” :

I lived in New York City. I did data analysis and everything was fine. I lived in the greatest city in the world. I paid my rent every month and even saved some money. However, it did not seem like it was enough to ensure a rock-solid, secure future. Even though I loved working on my own compared to working in the same boring office building every day, it felt like I needed to do more… and something different.

2005 - Rockefeller Center


“What could I do to make a lot of money?” I wondered.

It turned out to be a very good question to ask.  It launched him on his way to his million dollars, and landed him inside the world famous Rockefeller Center