Are You Ready for a Million Dollars?

In this “How-To” manual and true entrepreneurial story, Brian Teasley explores and details the method he used to make a million dollars.  The successful entrepreneur and U.S. patent recipient recounts his own and other self-made millionaire’s experiences as he reviews some of the greatest success stories in American history.

This entertaining, informative, and groundbreaking book answers questions such as:

  •  How do you get into the right frame of mind to make a million dollars?
  •  How do you get a million dollar idea?
  •  How do you develop a product or service?
  •  How do you obtain free publicity?
  •  Where do you start?

This is a book for anyone who has the entrepreneurial spirit and needs a guide to show how to do it. It details the money-making process used by men throughout history to create massive wealth. It will teach you what to do and how to do it, so you, too, can MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS.

The book gets you started by working on your desire and improving your thoughts about money.    Once you are in the right mindset, it gives you instructions on how to get your million dollar idea – and suggestions on how to proceed once you have it.   The book gives examples, asks questions, give suggestions, lists resources, and even gives some insights and opinions as to what areas of business might currently be ripe for people who want to make a million dollars.

Table of Contents:

The Kid in the Parking Lot
Think Big
Your Thoughts About Money
How to Get Your Million-Dollar Idea
Initial Research
Millions Using Technology
Leadership and Planning
Added Power
Rockefeller Center
How to Obtain Free Publicity
Will They Steal Your Idea?
Here’s to the Naysayers
Disney RideCard
Learn and Ask
Distractions and Positive Questions
Patents and Trademarks
Stocks – What to Do with Your Million Dollars
Technology Opportunities
Controlling Your Thoughts
Anything is Possible (The Pet Rock Story)
Bonus:  The Greatest Country in the World