Free Video Course

People have paid thousands of dollars to be in one of my classes. Now I have created a class you can take, absolutely for free. No credit card required, or anything like that. The object of the course is to help you get closer to your million dollars. It’s possible this course will actually get you to a million dollars, but that is not guaranteed! I am so convinced the methodology I discuss in my book can help you that I’m putting a version into this free, easy-to-take course. Here’s what we will cover:

  • Your Thoughts About Money
  • How to Raise Your Level of Desire
  • How to a Million Dollar Idea
  • How to do Your Initial Research
  • US Patent Information

The course works like this: Each week I send you a a short email and/or video with some information and an easy homework assignment. The emails/videos are short and the assignments are simple and do not take much time to complete. You can do the assignments whenever it is convenient for you to do so. We will cover several of the steps you must take on the path to your million dollars. At the end of the course – at a minimum you brain will be better conditioned/wired to get you to your million dollars. At best, you’ll be on your way towards a million dollars.

One of the reasons people don’t have a million dollars is that they simply haven’t done the right things to get them started or they haven’t focused on the right things to get them on their way. This course will help you start you on your way. Why this material is not taught in schools I don’t know.

This course will also help you because the weekly emails will remind you to focus on making a million dollars.  If you do not focus on making your million dollars you never will. 

Put your information into the sign up box and we will get started.  (BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER FOR THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL)