Millionaire Interviews

(Coming in late September 2019)       Making a million dollars requires knowledge, action, and that you are comfortable around money.  To help you with all of those items, I’ve put together a series of video interviews with several self-made millionaires.

There are multiple benefits from watching and studying these videos.  First, you learn from the millionaire’s knowledge and experience. These are actual self-made millionaire’s (like you are going to be) who tell you what worked and did not work for them.  These are not professors talking about business theory.  These are real people talking about real life.

Second, you will begin to understand how millionaire’s think.   Watching a “Seinfeld” re-run will not help you understand how to think to become a millionaire and will not get you closer to having a million dollars.  These videos will.   You must be in the right mind-set to make a million dollars. These videos will help you get there.  (See also recommended books in the “Free Resources” section of this website)

By watching these videos you also spend time around and focused on millionaires, which helps you become more comfortable around money.  This also makes it easier for you to get to your million dollars.   (read The Book and sign up for my emails to understand why)

In these interview videos we cover important questions, including:

How did you get your idea(s) for your business/product?

How did you get started?

What software/systems/technology do you use?

What is your marketing plan?  How do you generate sales?

What advice do you have for someone who wants to make a million dollars?  

Volume 1:   Tom Sawyerski (founder, Palm Trees Inc.)

Tom made his money because he came up with the idea to give palm tree cutting lessons