There are too many blogs and videos in existence for you to read and watch them all.  So which ones are worth your time?  Focus on those from successful people.  People who have earned a million dollars. 

Marc Andreesen invented Netscape (which you may know now as the FireFox browser) – the world’s first commercial browser software.   This made him really rich.  Later he created a service called LoudCloud, one of the first “cloud computing” service providers.  He sold the company and became even richer.  He is one of the world’s technology experts.    An old blog of his, full of useful and insightful information and ideas is here:  Marc Andreessen Blog

If you are just starting your journey to a million dollars (or more) the “How to Get Rich” series of podcasts (the link is for a transcript) might help you with getting your brain to think correctly.  Your Thoughts About Money (a chapter in “How to Make a Million Dollars”) are important.  The conversations from the podcast are on track in terms of how to think about wealth and trying to get rich:     How to Get Rich

Need additional help raising your level of desire?  (See chapter “Desire” in “How to Make a Million Dollars”)  Believe it or not, this 60-year old  video will help.  The Nightingale broadcasts helped a man named Ray Kroc create a fortune bringing McDonalds hamburgers to the world.  The video looks boring, but if it helped the man who made millions with hamburgers, it can help you.  If you want fluff, visit Success magazine.  If you want true knowledge and useful exercises to build strength and acquire the focus needed to acquire your million dollars, go to rock solid sources.

Nick is the guy behind “The Sweaty Startup” website that gives advice to start ups (that’s YOU), with a focus on “sweaty” companies (storage, cleaning, etc.).     He started a college storage business (almost by accident) and quickly became a millionaire. A great success story with plenty of solid, cheap and effective marketing tips.   If you don’t feel like coming up with a new million-dollar idea, his approach can show you how to make a million dollars in an existing industry.  His site is:   The Sweaty Startup


Speaking of McDonald’s, here’s a movie that is both entertaining and informative.  “The Founder“, starring Michael Keaton, tells the tale of the founding of McDonalds.  If you want some easy to digest “homework” on the way to your million dollars, this movie is worthwhile. Here’s the trailer:

The story of Facebook is told in the movie “The Social Network”.   The movie is more entertaining than it is useful for making a million dollars, but it still helps you with your quest to spend time with millionaires (billionaires).  After seeing the movie, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, said he wished it showed how hard they worked, especially at the beginning.   That is important to understand.  On the way to your million dollars, you will most likely put in a huge amount of work with no immediate payout – other than you knowing how much work you have accomplished.   We don’t usually see the work that goes into creating a million dollars worth of wealth.   We all know Facebook, but we don’t know about the work that went into starting it.  This movie shows some, but not all of the work.  Here’s the trailer:    The Social Network