Recommended Books

When I recommend books I take the same approach Warren Buffet does to stocks.  You do not need a large, diverse portfolio to achieve success.   Read what you need, but use the books to learn and take action.  Reading hundreds of books will not get you to your million dollars.  Read several useful ones and take action based on what you have learned. That is how to use books to be successful.

Think and Grow Rich – Napolean Hill

Although written in 1937, this book is still relevant today.  Many of it’s examples are dated, but still relevant.  It talks about the Declaration of Independence, the creation of the US steel corporation, the lightbulb, God, sex, and other topics… but always focusing on how you can think and grow rich.   Boxing great Ken Norton says this book is the reason he defeated Muhammed Ali

Losing my Virginity – RIchard Branson

This book is the first “How it happened” book from Richard Branson, creator of the Virgin Empire.  It tells how he started – detailing his school life, record store opening, and the founding of his first success, Virgin Records – and onwards through many other of his businesses. 

I recommend it because he tells you what he was thinking, what he did, what did and did not work, and major setbacks he had.  It also allows you to spend some time with a billionaire – which helps you with your thoughts about money.

Steve Jobs – Walter Isaacson 

The story of Apple Computers, as well as some of the story of Pixar (“Toy Story” movies) is contained in this authorized biography.  The impact of a strong entrepreneur is detailed in this book.  Apple started wonderfully and then fell apart.  In 1993 I had a candid conversation with the director of marketing for Apple, after Steve Jobs had NOT been with the company for eight years.  The company was a shambles. A few years later he returned. A few years after that the company was re-born, with the Ipod, the iPad, the iPhone….      So if you want to learn from one of the best, read this book.