Useful Free Software

On the road to your million dollars, there are many tools available to you.  They require a bit of investment of time to learn how to use, but they can be very useful, especially when it comes to marketing your product or service.   The developments in capabilities of free software in the last ten years is astounding.  Software capabilities that used to be extremely expensive to obtain are now free to use.   Take advantage of them.

Photo Editing / Image Manipulation – .GIMP

The capabilities of the free GIMP software are impressive.  Almost anything you need or want to be done in terms of editing or manipulating an image can be accomplished with the software. The software is part of the GNU project (NU means “Not Unix”, referring to the expensive software that used to run almost every large computer in the world).  To download the program, visit


Video Editing – HitFilm Express

This software allows you to easily create videos – add effects, edit sound, add text, etc..  Pretty much everything you might want to do with video can be done with the free version of this software. Videos for were created using this software.

Audio Editing – Audacity

Need a useful tool for recording and editing basic software?   This tool is free and simple to use.  It allows “overdubbing” so you can record new sounds on top of an existing recording, but does not have true multi-track capability.